ROW80 Weeks 4 and 5

Long story short, I fell apart the last week and a half. I did horribly as far as my goals went. As in, bad enough to not even bother posting them all here. With the writing, I got distracted. With working out, I tried to jump from 50 minutes a week of cardio to 100 minutes a week too quickly and since I couldn’t meet my goal I felt like there was no point in doing anything, which is one of my big problems. I’ve always been kind of all or nothing. Actually, I guess that’s what happened for most of my goals. I did read one short story, and I did read part of a writing magazine.

I don’t expect the next week and a half to be too much better. I’m going on vacation next week with my mother and sister. I’m hoping to have time to get some writing and reading done, but probably won’t have much internet access (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) so no blog post. We should be able to get in a walk or two as well. Since this was expected, I’m not aggravated about it like I was about this past week. If all goes well, I should come back relaxed and ready to get started again, although it is a week with my mom and sister, so that might not be the case. 😉

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