newprofHey there, You,

Welcome (back? Awesome!) to my webpage. “Webpage?” you say. “What is this, [insert random early 21st century year]?” Yeah, I know, static home pages are lame, but my half- or even quarter-hearted attempts at blogging were even lamer. I started a few years ago in an uncharacteristic spasm of optimism, thinking my work-in-progress would be finished any day and the short story I’d sent out would be accepted for publication before I could turn around. Even if either or both of these things had happened, I’m not quite sure what I thought I was going to blog about, but neither did, and so I’ve spent the intervening years floundering and feeling guilty for not blogging or feeling frustrated because I didn’t know what to blog about. But I do think a post here and there might actually be worth reading, so please feel free to wander through them (ignore all the ROW 80 ones) if you have some time on your hands and have run out of funny cat pictures to look at.

So anyway, I’ve decided not to do that any more. I might pick up the blog again at some point because, jerk that it is, my brain came up with a theme exactly at the moment that I was saying that I couldn’t come up with a theme, but it’s a complicated one and the posts would be time-consuming, so I would have to really commit to it. So for now I have this.


Cool News!

I come from a family of people who can’t seem to help writing. My 90-year-old mikegrandmother wrote a fascinating autobiography covering the span of one of the most tumultuous centuries in history. My father, Michael Simonds, wrote two autobiographical essays included in collections of writings by Peace Corps volunteers who served in India in the 1960s, The Other Side of the World and Return to the Other Side of the World.

vineAnd now my sister, Susan Simonds, who is working towards her MFA, is a published poet! In 2013 her poem “Old Dixie Down” was published by Blue Ridge Literary Prose and her poem “Rebel” was published by Vine Leaves Literary Journal and included in their Best of anthology for 2013! Way to go, Susan! I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from…the other apple that also fell from the same tree.


About Me

This used to be a standard bio on a standard bio page, but I figured I’d move it here to save you some effort if you’re curious. It feels weird being third person, but when I tried to make it first person it felt even weirder, so this is the lesser of two weirdnesses.

RobinXmasThe oldest child of a librarian and a teacher, Robin was destined to develop a love for the written word. She wrote her first story, about a yellow alien with purple polka dots, when she was seven, and her first novel, an 80 page epic fantasy, when she was 11. She studied English at Southern Connecticut State University, where an introductory creative writing class inspired her to write her first “grown-up” short stories, the ones listed below, and a novel writing workshop proved invaluable in helping her hone her craft.

Robin lives in Connecticut with her husband Ryan and  her cats Frank and Charlie. While she doesn’t write exclusively in any one genre, her work usually centers on a common theme: a strong female protagonist who exists on the fringes of her society, whose story is often told through the eyes of a narrator who lives more fully within that society. She is currently at work on a contemporary literary novel about childhood friends separated by a terrible crime and reunited twenty years later when tragedy strikes one of them, but also has fantasy, historical, “literary vampire,” “a zombie novel that is not about zombies,” and mystery projects floating around.


Short Stories

“After the Fire” — originally published by the magazine Dreams of Decadence in 2000. Included in their anthology, The Best of Dreams of Decadence, in 2003.

“Prima Facie” — first place winner for fiction, Southern Connecticut State University’s Folio Art and Literary Magazine, 1997.


“Troublemaker and Caretaker: The Trickster in Four Shakespearean Plays” — senior thesis for Departmental Honors in English, Southern Connecticut State University, 1997.

Recent Posts

ROW80 Weeks 4 and 5

Long story short, I fell apart the last week and a half. I did horribly as far as my goals went. As in, bad enough to not even bother posting them all here. With the writing, I got distracted. With working out, I tried to jump from 50 minutes a week of cardio to 100 minutes a week too quickly and since I couldn’t meet my goal I felt like there was no point in doing anything, which is one of my big problems. I’ve always been kind of all or nothing. Actually, I guess that’s what happened for most of my goals. I did read one short story, and I did read part of a writing magazine.

I don’t expect the next week and a half to be too much better. I’m going on vacation next week with my mother and sister. I’m hoping to have time to get some writing and reading done, but probably won’t have much internet access (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) so no blog post. We should be able to get in a walk or two as well. Since this was expected, I’m not aggravated about it like I was about this past week. If all goes well, I should come back relaxed and ready to get started again, although it is a week with my mom and sister, so that might not be the case. 😉

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