The child of a librarian and a teacher, I’ve had a love of the written word for longer than I can remember. Never bound by one genre in my reading, I find it impossible to restrict myself to one genre when writing. If I feel like a story needs to be told, I tell it in the best way I can, whether it’s fantasy or historical or literary, or even a combination. The only thread that connects those stories is the women at the heart of them: strong yet vulnerable, outsiders searching for their place in the world.

My current work-in-progress is an adult low fantasy novel tentatively titled The Queen of Lies:

Sable, an enigmatic woman bound to the goddess of desire, awakens from death in a new body only to find herself surrounded by enemies. Seeking reunion with her loved ones and vengeance against the woman who orchestrated her murder, she flees, taking the name Rianna. The story of Sable’s past intertwines with the story of Rianna’s quest to return to Sable’s family and the man she loves before her enemy poisons them against her. For if she cannot convince them that she is Sable, she will lose her chance at revenge—and could very well lose her life.


Short Stories

“After the Fire” — originally published by the magazine Dreams of Decadence and included in their anthology, The Best of Dreams of Decadence. Contact me if you’d like to buy an autographed copy.

“Prima Facie” — first place winner for fiction, Southern Connecticut State University’s Folio Art and Literary Magazine, 1997.


“Troublemaker and Caretaker: The Trickster in Four Shakespearean Plays” — senior thesis for Departmental Honors in English, Southern Connecticut State University.

Family News

I come from a family of people who can’t seem to help writing. My 93-year-old mikegrandmother wrote a fascinating autobiography covering the span of one of the most tumultuous centuries in history. My father, Michael Simonds, wrote two autobiographical essays included in collections of writings by Peace Corps volunteers who served in India in the 1960s, The Other Side of the World and Return to the Other Side of the World.

vineMy sister, Susan Simonds, is also a novelist, as well as a published poet. Her poem “Old Dixie Down” was published by Blue Ridge Literary Prose and her poem “Rebel” was published by Vine Leaves Literary Journal and included in their Best of anthology for 2013.